Bin Placement Guide


Our Bin Placement Guide will help answer your questions about where we can place your bin. Our bins are delivered on a lift truck, which has a lifter that lowers your bin to the ground. If you have a front fence or tiered lawn we can handle that. The truck can drop a bin 1 metre lower than the surface the truck is on. Remember that the truck can only place a bin immediately behind the truck, so we have to back up to the location.

Where should the bin go?

The best spot for your bin is on your drive or front lawn. That keeps the Council out of it and discourages other people's rubbish to fill your bin in the middle of the night. Just remember 2 things - our truck has to be able to drop the bin there and you have to be able to easily access the bin to load it.


Our truck is 2.7 metres wide, so please check the width of your drive - especially right at the front if you have a pillar or gates that narrow access.

Front Nature Strip or Road

If you have nowhere in your property to place a bin, we can locate your bin on the front nature strip or on the road. Remember we cannot place a bin sticking out into the road, it needs to be parallel to the kerb, which means we need the room for the truck to pull along the kerb to drop the bin. Please ensure you have suitable space for the bin and truck, both for delivery and collection.

Commercial Locations

Please remember to get permission from the Strata Plan Management to place a skip bin, charges may apply if we have to retrieve an empty bin for which you did not have permission. Please be aware most underground car parks are not high enough for a skip truck, we usually place bins on the street.