What can go in the bin

book nowBecause we charge a fixed, all-inclusive price it is important that you select the right bin. All bin prices include:

  • Bin Hire for a week
  • Bin delivery and pickup
  • All tipping and recycling charges

To get our fixed "nothing more to pay" price please select the correct bin and please check what can and cant go in each bin. Please note if any of the following items are detected in a bin, an additional charge will result based on the Waste Disposal Authority charges for these items. This is their rules, not ours:

  • Tiles & Bricks

    Tiles & Bricks


    • Bricks
    • Concrete
    • Concrete Tiles like roofing tiles
    • Pavers
    • Sandstone


    • This bin may be crushed for roadbase, so dont put in anything that wont crush, including:
    • Ceramic tiles - these cannot be crushed so don't put them in this bin, use the General bin.
    • Dirt, Sand and clay
    • Fibro, Gyprock
    • Asbestos
    • Wet Concrete - no washing out into the bin please.
  • General Mixed Bin

    General Mixed Bin

    This is a mixed bin, if you fill the whole bin with one expensive to dispose of item, such as treated pine, higher charges will result. Please call if you have any questions or talk to the driver on delivery.


    •  General waste from a home cleanup or home renovation/construction
    •  Household items - clothes, toys, push bikes, white goods
    •  Rubbish from garage or sheds.
    •  Furniture
    •  Paper & Glass
    •  Building waste
    •  Timber and flooring, hardwoods treated pine
    •  Tiles. bricks, concrete, bathroom tiles
    •  Gyprock , plaster board,
    •  Green waste
    •  Shower screens, windows


    • Fibro unless it is clearly stamped "Asbestos free" 
    • Waste Chemicals and Paints
    •  Food scraps
    •  Tyres (additional charge)
    •  Matresses (additional charge)
    •  Garden Mulch
    •  Gas Bottles
    • Dirt and sand - please use the dirt bin.
  • Bathroom Renovation Bin

    Bathroom Renovation Bin


    • Shower Screens
    • Cabinets
    • Timber and flooring, hardwoods treated pine
    • Tiles. bricks, concrete, bathroom tiles
    • Fibro & wet area linings - Check for Asbestos first!
    • Gyprock , plaster board
    • Shower screens, windows
    • Ceramic tiles
    • All types renovation waste


    • Asbestos
    • Paints
    • Wet concrete left over - meaning no washing out in skip bins
    • Hazardous waste
    • Liquids
    • Gas bottles
  • Light Green Bin

    Light Green Bin


    •  Tree Branches
    •  Grass
    •  Plants


    This is a green bin that will be mulched, so if it doesn't grow don't put it in this bin. This includes:

    •  Dirt
    •  Mulch
    •  Timber and Treated Pine
    •  Stakes, ties, pots and packaging
  • Trees and Palms

    Trees and Palms


    •  Coco Palms
    •  Tree Trunks
    •  Branches and leaves
    •  Nothing thicker than 300mm (one foot)


    •  This bin will be chipped, the maximum diameter is 300mm. For larger items please call.
    •  ANYTHING ELSE - including:
    •  Dirt and sand
    •  Timber, metal and plastic
  • Clean Fill

    Clean Fill


    •  Dirt
    •  Sand
    •  Clay
    •  Dirt with grass and roots still attached is OK as long as all loose grass and other organic material has been removed.


    •  This bin is for clean fill, please ensure it does not contain:
    •  Concrete, Tiles, Pavers or rubble
    •  Fibro, Gyprock
    •  Glass
    •  Asbestos
  • Fibro & Asbestos

    Fibro & Asbestos

    130342 asbestos

    When disposing of Asbestos by Law you are required to double plastic wrap the Asbestos into bundles not more than 500MM high. These must then be secured with Duct Tape. The bin must not be filled above the lip as this is unsafe transport - the bin cannot be collected.
    If you don't have the appropriate wrap this can be supplied by the Driver for a fee of $100.
    By Law there must not be anything else in the Bin - No other plastic, no other items, just the wrapped Asbestos.
    Please follow the rules in this document when disposing of asbestos or fibro to prevent us both being fined.